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The Pias educational mission is being fulfilled through the Lights Camera Read Pia, a role in which Justin Tuck of the New York Giants recently played. He spoke to young people via a young reporter and while being interviewed about his children's book "Home Field Advantage" gave LIghts Camera Read constestants tips on writing and being successful in life.

The Platinum Pias Awards for the past two years have been done at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Screening Room. They are hosted by Alex Corrado (possibly best known as the guy who stuffs Anthony Hopkins in a van in "Hannibal" as well as a regular on a landmark NBC reality show) and are produced by the people who bring you Lights Camera Read for the New York Public Library and Review Me NYC - the site for testimonials that lead to Platinum Pias Awards).

The web series tracks finalists in beauty categories involving salons and other related businesses as well as entertainment categories involving library's and educational institutions for which kids write Lights Camera Read stories. Then after the semi-final regionals, the finalists in beauty and entertainment categories go on to the nationals.